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Poetry, Beauty, and Spirit

"The world sparks and hums with radiance. Even when we fail to notice, all still shimmers and shines." ~Ingrid Goff-Maidoff


My books celebrate the everyday sacred; the beautiful ordinary; grateful living; generosity, and the human spirit. They are enjoyed by retreat leaders, lovers of poetry, quote collectors, and generations of visitors to the island of Martha's Vineyard.   Each is a treasure of inspiration and soulful living. 

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To bless, to feel blessed ~ to encourage, comfort, uplift and inspire... that's what these gifts are created to do.  That they are soulfully made with beauty, texture and love- not churned out by a factory- makes them all the more wonderful.  

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Whispers of wisdom to keep or to send ~ here are blessings and birthday cards, sympathy, friendship, joyful living & more.

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