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Relaxing With the Breath

Here is a little practice to use throughout the day, to center yourself and circulate the feelings of peace, love, joy and gratitude through your body, your moments... your life.

On a long, slow, luxurious in- breath, breathe in Peace. 

Hold this for however long it feels good to do so.

On a long, slow, luxurious out-breath, breathe out Love.

Pause & Repeat.

Feel how this brings you back to feeling calm, clear, centered, and ready for the day.

At any moment, you may choose the feelings you are longing for - perhaps more Peace, Love, Joy, Gratitude - and invoke them with your breath.  Slowly.  Luxuriously.  Luminously.

I love this practice so much, I offer it in the little breathe book.

I also offer a variation in THE JOY BOOK