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About Ingrid

"Ingrid is a poet who also makes beautiful things... "

Ingrid Goff-Maidoff is a universalist poet, artisan, celebrant of beauty, and encourager of spirit who lives on the island of Martha's Vineyard.  Her work has appeared in numerous anthologies, and she has lovingly created dozens of books and gifts that help deepen intimacy with the sacred.

Her books include The Joy Book, The Honey Sutras, Befriending The Soul, Good Mother Welcome, What Holds Us, Moonlight and Remembrance, Simple Graces for Every Meal, The Abundance of Grace, and many quote anthologies. 

Ingrid lives with her husband, Jonah, in a house they built in the woods, surrounded by trails and fields.  They happily raised two daughters who have since left the nest and begun creating beautiful lives of their own.  

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"Once you start reading her poetry you will experience what an incredible gift she has and how lovingly and carefully she uses words to paint a picture that draws us towards our True and Eternal Self.

But she leads us to the remembering of this awareness with the beauty of everyday things and moments. She allows us to find the sacredness in the ordinary, reminding us that we do not have to leave our home – or even our seat at the kitchen table – to experience our true beauty." ~Hollie Holden

“You and your books have been an important and delightful part of keeping joy alive and well in our hearts and minds! Reminders of life’s many spiritual treasures greet us by your books on table and desk tops here throughout our home!” C.A.H

i enjoyed it so much. I cried and smiled and was certain that you wrote it
just for me. It is FULL of thoughts and feelings i have every day
but alas have not a scrap of writing ability to portray them.
The book is just beautiful, inspiring, and perfect. THANK YOU.” ~W.K.P


“A friend gave me Good Mother Welcome when my daughter was born. It had a profound effect on me. 
I never knew anyone could make something so beautiful.” ~A.S

“I gave the simple graces to a best friend and she said she cried a couple of the verses were so beautiful to her.
Thank you for making such beautiful pieces.”~A.M.C
“I received the Honey Sutras. 
It is already one of the most important belongings in my life.
You make the world a better place thank you so much..” D.L.J

“I love the “Honey Sutras.”
I read from it a lot at my yoga classes.”
Namaste, Mary

“There is about her the seemly grace of one for whom the spiritual dimension of living is an ever-present reality.” ~Jacqueline Sexton, Martha’s Vineyard Times

“It is as if all that she produces, the songs, the poetry, the cards, books and paintings are the result of an essential essence that emanates from her as personally and naturally as an exhale. And for whatever practical tethers hold her earthbound, Ingrid Goff-Maidoff seems to float.” C.K. Wolfson, Vineyard Gazette

“I discovered the Joy Book when I was struggling to access greater joy in my daily life.  Ingrid Goff-Maidoff’s perfectly penned words invited me into a new understanding of joy, one that honored my unfolding self.  Each day my heart opened, expanded because of the prose, insights, and artfully arranged illustrations within.  It felt like an adventure into parts of myself I’d not explored before.  I will always treasure this book.  It changed my life.” ~Janice Lynne Lundy, author, Your Truest Self: Embracing the Woman You Are Meant to Be