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Tending Joy Artisan Shop

697 State Rd, West Tisbury
AND whenever the OPEN FLAG is flying!


It's so wonderful to hear folks sigh with delight when they enter the Tending Joy Artisan Shop in West Tisbury.  "Oh I see what this is!" exclaimed one visitor the other day, "this is a happy place!"  YES YES!  That's just what I set out to do: to create a shop that was uplifting; life-affirming & restorative...  A place that celebrated the creative spirit.  Here you'll find all my books, cards & gifts as well as a beautiful mix of local and global arts & crafts, clothing, textiles, pillows... pottery... tea...candles... chocolate... joyful things from around the world.


697 State Rd in West Tisbury (although it often comes up as in VH)


BEAUTIFUL GOODS FROM NEAR & FAR-  a delightful combination of Vineyard and Global Fair Trade Artisans. 

Featuring the world's most complete collection of books, cards & gifts by Vineyard Poet and artist Ingrid Goff-Maidoff and so much more....


Lots of treats! Beeswax candles, Tea Towels by L.A. Brown, Local Honey, MV sea salt, Jewelry by Kathy Tackabury, Hallie Mechanic.... and more


Vineyard arts Pictured above, tiles by my sister, Heather Goff, Sculpture by Bill O'Callohan, art by Walker Roman and Tara Reynolds.

Pottery by Lisa Strachan

NEW!: Pottery by Lisa Strachan

Hypatia Book Arts


Up-Island Pottery by Candy Shweder

Beautiful Fair-Trade clothing

a sweet collection of books and toys for kids

Retablos and Pocket Saints by Lynn Garlick



Ornaments I make from Japanese paper

I love pairing my books with other gifts.

Beautiful embroidered pillows and textiles from India

Beautiful Sacred Statues made by Mission Studios in Oregon.

fragrance, soaps, incense.... we are hoping to delight ALL of the senses.



Too many lovely things to list!  You just have to visit!