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Souvenirs From The Magical Realm

The wonderful blog, FOLT BOLT, did a feature on my gifts last week, and I shared a story there that I haven't shared before ~ a story of the dream I had which inspires my gifts to this day. 

In this dream, I was walking through a mountainous countryside, wandering in wonder along a road that was lined with lush flowering trees and rich green foliage.  I didn't know where in the world this was, but it had an Eden-like quality.  The landscape itself seemed to breathe & welcome and hold me.   I felt myself to be not separate, but a natural part of the scenery.

As I wandered along one road, over a bridge and around a bend, I came to a small shop nestled into a hillside.  Inside this shop were shelves lined with the most beautiful packages I had ever seen.  I had no idea what was inside them, but they had colorful labels that seemed to promise every possibility.   I sensed that to open one of these packages was to open a gift for the imagination- an invitation to delight, to the realm of spirit - perhaps even to the blessing of realizing oneness; love; one's truest self.

For years now,  I've thought of my gifts as souvenirs from this dream-like landscape.  It is a rich and bountiful realm of love, blessing & creative joy;  a magical and poetic realm of imagination, inspiration, vision & possibility.  It is spacious, mysterious, generous... sometimes forgotten, but always there.

I believe it is within each of us.