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The Tending Joy Artisan Shop!

"Create a world. Invite others into it. It becomes a universe." ~Anais Nin
I've been very busy this last month!  I said no, no, I don't think I want to... and then YES... because my heart said yes even though my rational, overthinking mind said, "no way, are you crazy?"  I'm opening a shop on Saturday.... quietly...pandemic aware... who knows what will happen next.  It's in a beautiful old building in West Tisbury.  I've gathered my own things, of course... and some local goods from artisans for whom the timing is right....Local Honey, salt, soap, jewelry...art.... and then Joyful, Wonderful, Delightful, Beautiful treats and Fair Trade crafts from around the globe.  It's very colorful in there.... maybe in anticipation of a colorless winter... and in hopes that the folks who visit feel refreshment and hope and the gentle hum of creative energy.  
Here's the thing: I have no idea how it's going to go.  I'm also pretty convinced I have a lot to learn.  I found myself announcing to my husband and myself that I would probably make some mistakes, (ok, a lot of mistakes) and that I was going to forgive myself in advance for them.
This is pretty huge....
In any case, I'm pouring my love into it.
I wish I could wave a magic wand and make everything only wonderful....I wish I could say and do only the rightest thing.... instead I am opening a little shop... not just for shopping... but to offer community and conversation and a bit of love and brightness in the world.
Come visit if you are on island!  xxxxxx ingrid