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When I Leave This Body

When I die,
when I leave this
body-garment behind,
let me dissolve, content,
into the All that is Love.
Let me lift as if on grateful wings,
that I gave myself to life fully.
Let me leave this world
with a heart that is Light
having loved every part
as much as I was able.
Let me dissolve into Love
like a pool of fresh rain
in the resurrecting rays
of a glowing morning sun.

~Ingrid Goff-Maidoff

This poem taught me, through the writing of it, how I wanted to live: fully, gratefully, lovingly... as well as my longing to make peace with mortality.  I also became aware that through making this peace, more space would open up for love, gratitude, appreciation & belonging.  I want to love every part as much as I am able.  I can't claim to do this perfectly- not by a long stretch - but somehow there is a greater clarity, and a willingness to remain aware that, whenever possible, I would like to choose love over fear, and to trust in both life in the body, and beyond the body.

How about you?

This poem may be found in What Holds Us & Courage, a book of comfort for difficult times