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Wherever You Are, Find A Trail

I am sharing this poem, from my book What Holds Us, because so many people now come seeking it.  But I am self-conscious.  This poem was written many years ago, long before we were living through a pandemic...and those on the front lines- our medical workers, our public servants, our hungry and impoverished... they may not have the luxury of walking away; of finding a trail.  Still, I hope there is a quiet bench somewhere nearby... or perhaps an online satsang, or a book of poems, for even only a brief moment of checking in with the beauty of the world, and with our own hearts. ... A heart and a beauty that remains, even while we struggle.

And so to this I want to add that the spiritual life, which is strengthened by solitude and surrender- by quiet stillness - is our Base Camp, and by no means a by-pass for the times we are finding ourselves in.  
    May we all find our own ways to become still and remember what it is that holds us, and what, in us, is held.  May we find great resilience as we remember the beauty of the world, and the remarkable strength of Love, today and always.

May we all be well.