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Simple Graces For Every Meal

Simple Graces For Every Meal

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This rustic little book  has restored ease and simplicity to the act of giving thanks to thousands of family tables over many years. These are universal, multi-faith dinner prayers that you can feel comfortable offering for any occasion. 

When I wrote these graces, I could hardly imagine selling well over two thousand copies. All I knew was that I wanted a book of comfortable graces - graces safe for mixed company - no matter what one's religious (or non-religious) background.  Now in its Fifth printing, this book continues to delight those who discover it. People come up to me at every craft show to share how important it's been to them.  The other day, a woman told me that her father always cries when he reads from Simple Graces.  She said, "he is 6' 6", and this is a marvel to see."


I recently received this note:

"Dear Ingrid,

My name is Jamie, and during this lockdown, I live with my lovely parents in Poughkeepsie, NY. We spent a week on Cape Cod last summer and your book of table blessings caught my eye. That book has become such a gift to us during this time of COVID-19. We use it before almost every dinner. Your words provide a beautiful contemplation on the food before us and the gratitude we may find for so much in the world, especially during a dark and scary time like now. We hope that you are safe, healthy, and finding joy during this time. Know that your creations have touched the three of us here in Poughkeepsie in a profound way.

warmly, Jamie


Now as Volume 3 with additional graces.

Let us savor our days 
as we savor this meal. 
Let us linger to enjoy 
the bounty of each season. 
Let us live to declare 
we find life itself delicious.


If we partake of the meal now before us 
with reverent and grateful hearts, 
not only will our bodies be sustained 
but our souls also.


Let the depth of our compassion 
nourish all we meet 
just as the bounty at this table 
nourishes us.


In our highest hopes 
we see that the world is 
one great family: 
where it is possible that none go hungry, 
where it is possible that justice, love, and health abound, 
where it is possible that we may 
never question our oneness.

  28 pages, 3" x 5 "